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Simple and transparent terms of cooperation Simple and transparent terms of cooperation
Guarenteed remuneration Guarenteed remuneration
Monthly payment Monthly payment

/// Principles of cooperation


Affiliate program of bus tickets selling of different carriers and providers of bus transportation. After registration and obtaining access to your personal account, you have the opportunity to earn 5% from each paid order.

/// The main points of cooperation

For whom affiliate program is intended


Who can earn in this program.

Affiliate program is designed for website owners, the owners of groups in social networks, bloggers, travel agencies, and everyone who wants to earn by selling bus tickets.


Payment options.

In your personal account there is ability to view statistics for all order status received from your site. To see all paid orders, outstanding orders, canceled orders, unpaid fees and orders that are waiting for payment of remuneration. The remuneration is paid monthly, after reaching a minimum fee of 30 Euro. For greater convenience, 3 payment options are provided for in the BusSystem:

  • e-Payments
  • PayPal
  • Current account in the bank

Implementation of the search form.

Affiliate, it means that you install the search form on your site and users without leaving your site, search and buy bus tickets. Placing NTML code - Affiliate - the most common and easiest way to insert a form, this method does not require any programming skills. Setting the search form by integrating by API is a more sophisticated method. It allows you to be more flexible and customize serach form and form of the search results more individually. Connecting by API is considered individually, after registering on the site, on the basis of an application filed by a partner.


How it works.

You make a registeration on the site, get an access code to your personal cabinet, in a personal account you set up a search form of tourist services according to your wishes, so are building NTML code that contains your partner ID. The generated code, or just link you place on your internet resources and start earning your partner reward. You can use our predefined styles, or customize your own design usiong API.


Your earnings.

In the affiliate program you earn partner reward for attracting clients to buy bus tickets. For each paid order, from your link, you get a reward from 5% of the paid ticket.

How to earn on in affiliate program.

Be Active!!!

Attract customers to buy bus tickets. We offer extra income for the sale of railway tickets in Ukraine, the sale of excursions in Europe as well as for the sale of of airline tickets


Integrated system of bus transportation

Affiliate Program works on a unified database of bus transportation BusSystem. This is the largest database of bus routes intended to tickets purchase. In this system, bus companies sell tickets that gives the chance for customers to purchase tickets directly from the carrier. The system includes not only routes of largest bus operators in Eastern and Western Europe, but also includes system of bus stations in Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States, Belarus and selling system of various bus services.



Use all available tools

Place a search form on a visible place, use the tips of special offer from bus carriers. Post links to search for specific routes, tell your users how more profitable, faster and cheaper to get to the desired city.


Bus tickets and other travel products

We offer to earn money not only by selling bus tickets, but also by salling rail tickets and airline tickets.


Use markers and sell together

Use markers of links and reservations visits to different pages of your site or other sites in the same account.

When selling per month:
3 000 € - you will receive 5% from the total order
3001 - 5000 €/month - 6%
5 001 - 10 000 €/month - 7%
more than 10 000 €/month - 10%

An example of a search form for your site


Place a search form on a visible place, use the tips of special offer from bus carriers. Post links to search for specific routes, tell your users how more profitable, faster and cheaper to get to the desired city.

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